How to Deal with Cystic Acne

I don’t get acne very often, but when I do they are huge monstrosities that lie beneath the skin.  For the most part – you can’t see them. But Boy, can ya feel ’em!

Recently I had an intense battle with one and I have to say I won. I should have snapped a shot for y’all because while you couldn’t tell I had a blemish, the entire area around it was inflamed and swollen. It was on my chin and that whole half of my jawline looked 5x the size and rather manly. After an hour of messing with it and hoping it would give in, I made a direct beeline to the drugstore and for $20 I was set.

Cystic Acne Shopping List:


Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser - 5 oz
(I used store brand)
The thing about cystic acne is that it is popping uo due to infected skin tissue deep down. So squeezing and spot treatments won’t help you out. The Clean and Clear work so well because of the 5%  Benzoyl Peroxide which can permeate the skin and kill bacteria in the pore and fight inflammation. If you don’t regularly use Benzoyl Peroxide – I’d suggest using in smaller amounts and working your way up, as it can be very drying. Pick up an oil free facial moisturizer to help soothe your flaky skin.
The Blemish stick is amazing because it contains Tea Tree oil as well as other miracle workers that are natural antiseptics and kill nasty bacteria. Be careful with tea tree oil however, as it can be a tad harsh and drying.

Little Happy Thoughts

Here’s a few little happy thoughts I have come across recently. Enjoy.

Comment a happy thought of your own!

> You cannot say good eye might without sounding Australian.
> Slam Dunkin’ Otters

> Blind people smile even if they haven’t seen a smile before

>Cows have BFFs. They get stressed when separated from their best friends.

> Andy’s evil neighbor in Toy Story 1 returns briefly in the third movie

>The actor who is the voice of Winnie the Pooh calls up children in cancer wards to cheer them up

>   Squirrels will adopt an abandoned baby if its parents are gone.

> “The Nitrogen in our DNA. The Calcium in our teeth. The Iron in our blood. The Carbon in our apple pies were made in the interior of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff” – Carl Sagan

> The original “Space Jam” website hasn’t been changed since 1996.

> Alexander Graham Bell originally wanted people to greet each other on the phone by saying “ahoy!” instead of “hello!”

>  The Beatles used “love” 613 times in their songs

> There’s always a new food you haven’t tried.

> We now have less crime, a lower death rate and longer life expectancy than at any other time in human history

> There have been studies that show that goats, like us, have accents
Sloths only leave their tree once a week, to pee and poo.


Twenty One Facts … About Me!

1. I am 21 years old.

2. I play a little harmonica and bass.

3. IF I could, I would wear high heels every single day. One day my life style will allow it.

4. I was ambidextrous as a kid. My teacher said it was improper and made me practice writing for hours with my right hand.

5. How did I have all of that extra time to write? I could already read before all of my classmates, I even helped some of them learn.

6. I love ALL food! Except for yellow mustard and red onions. blech  😡

7. I have 100% success rate at Settlers of Catan.

8. I color my own hair.

9. I’m terrible with hand eye coordination. Growing up, I have cheered, played soccer and rugby,

10. David Bowie and Stevie Nicks are my queens.

11. A favorite memory from my childhood is eating MREs on the lake dock with my grandpa after we went fishing all day and feeding food bits to the gators and catfish.

12. I used to be in a sorority.

13. I have a special love for anything animated.

14. I have a crescent moon tattoo and I have a long list of other inklings I would like to have.

15. I’m a girl gamer.

16. I believe in the super natural, and have had run ins with the deceased. My hometown is one of the most haunted cities in America.

17. I am the COMPLETE opposite of a morning person. However, I could stay up all night, every night.

18. I am terribly clumsy yet I have only broken a few bones in my life. I broke both my collarnones while being born,. I broke my arm being pushed off of my trampoline while playing a game of sheriff and outlaws. I was a damn good outlaw.

19. Even though my family feels differently… I anot religious – I am spiritual.

20. I’m pro level at Kenny Rogers karaoke, even the sad ones.

21. I also know the lyrics to countless rap songs including songs by Ice Cube, 50 cent and Ludacris.

The Key to Self Love

I believe in becoming stronger and encouraging strong women and lifting up other girls to rise to their own potential.

I am going to tell you the most well kept secret of loving yourself and to becoming the best you that you can be:

You are the only person that can set yourself up for greatness.

 I know that sounds like an easy thing to throw out and a cheap answer. But it is true! You could have the most supportive person in your life that is always there for you and lets you know just how wonderful you are but that is the actual cheap trick. Talking to yourself and letting your inner being shine through is the only way that you will come to love yourself. Loving yourself in turn, is the only way that you can become the greatest version of you that you can be!

I had the pleasure of re watching a favorite film of mine over the weekend – Whisper of the heart (also known as Nausicaa) by Studio Ghibli. While also a recurring theme within the film, this particular scene got my gears turning and I had to share it with you all. Here’s an excerpt…

Shizuku, the main character, has just pitched her story idea to the grandfather of Seiji, the boy with whom she forms a strong bond.

Mr. Nishi: Wait a minute, I’ve got something to show you (retrieves a rock from his cabinet). I think you’ll like this (hands Shizuku the rock) – take a look.

Shizuku: It looks like a rock.

Mr. Nishi: It’s a special kind of rock called geode. Hold it close to your eye and look inside – that’s right, like that. (Shines small torch beside stone, which lights up the green crystals inside)

Shizuku: (gasps) Look at that!

Mr. Nishi: Those crystals are called beryl. There are pieces of raw emerald still inside.

Shizuku: Aren’t emeralds worth a lot of money?

Mr. Nishi: Sure, but they need to be cut and polished first. When you first become an artist, you are like that rock. You’re in a raw and natural state, with hidden gems inside. You have to dig deep down and find the emeralds tucked away inside you. And that’s just the beginning. Once you have found your gems, you have to polish them. It takes a lot of hard work. Oh, and here’s the tricky part – look at the crack in the geode.

Shizuku: OK (looks inside the top crack)

Mr. Nishi: You see the big green crystal there, you could spend years polishing that, and it wouldn’t be worth much at all. The smaller crystals are much more valuable. And there may even be some deeper inside, which we can’t see, that are even more precious …

Shizuku: What if I look inside myself and I don’t find any gems? What if I’m just a rock? I’m going to try anyway! I’m going to write that story and I’ll let you be the first to read it!

The message in this story is something I want to instill in myself, my younger sister, my possible future daughter and so on. When looking at yourself loon not for the things you have to offer – look for the potential you have to grow and the power you have within yourself.

Looking at yourself as a geode can be a little tricky within itself  Think of yourself at the very beginning – maybe as a small child – you are in your natural state. but each and every one of us has millions of sparkling emeralds laying in us waiting to be harvested, cut and polished.  it is incredibly hard to find that we are worthy  sometimes but everyone has that special something about them just waiting to be found.  Just like with the crack in the geode, you could have a big accomplishment in your life, and that might not even be the best part of you. I challenge you this week to look within yourselves for all of those nifty little bits. But what if you fail? What if it wasn’t the way you thought it would turn out? What if you’re only a rock? Well my friend, you’ll never know until ya try !

Kai’s Keys to Self Love:

1. Forgive yourself

2. Become mindful of what you want, think and need

3. Give yourself room to grow

4. Protect yourself, but let others in

5. Live intentionally

Be my Valentine? Just kidding.

My friend Brooke has started a new blog – she is a girl anyone could connect with! Give her words a view 🙂

This Sweet Love Blog

We have a little less than a month until the holiday all single women (and some people in relationships) despise: Valentines Day.

For me, I do not hate Valentines Day for the reason that I am single (well, really single), but I hate it because the concept of it is stupid. Sure, it is nice to get gifts and be shown you are somebody’s significant other, but there are 364 days out of the year for that. Why be cliche and all do it on one day? That is NOT ORIGINAL. 

I mean, I am single and have never dated a guy that was thriving in the romance department, so I wouldnt know romantic gestures if it slapped me in the face. 

But this leads me to my other thought: love. What is it?

All I have known is lust. My family is not one to stay in long-term marriages…

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Fall Beauty Must Haves – From the Drugstore?!

BB Cream
Flower Beauty BB Cream is literally my #1 product and has been for quite some time. Its hydrating and makes my skin nice and actually has a creamy texture! I use the shade BB1, My skin is already pretty fair, but this is about a half shade lighter and it looks great with a contour. Due its thick formula, you’ll only need a small dab daily and it’ll last you forever!! It is a Walmart exclusive and runs for around $13.00
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer has been in my makeup bag for over two years!! I have to make sure I buy one way before my current tube runs out. I have even turned my mother and my boyfriend’s mother onto it. The light fluid texture is so flawless and feels quite weightless. I have tried all of the versions and personally the neutralizer formula always comes out on top for me. The only complaint that I have EVER had about this product is the spongy applicator. It works meh, is a tad unsanitary, and I feel like I am wasting too much product. You can find this bad boy at any local drugstore for around $8.00
HOLY FREAKIN’ GRAIL!! Loreal Magic Souffle blush is creamy dreamy perfection. It is literally so soft, luxe, and amazing! It gives me the most beautiful natural flush. I am not kidding when I say I’ll only wear this product on some days and my boyfriend will say – hey, you’re not wearing any makeup – you look nice! Not to mention it feels nice on the skin. Go. Find. This. My go to shade is Celestial. Retails for around $7.00
Physician’s formula is a little on the pricy side for drugstore but is sometimes worth it! Like this mineral wear talc-free correcting powder. It’s got just the right coverage without getting cakey. I would steer away from it if you aren’t fair skinned though as it can appear almost white at times. This item is usually around $13.00 but wait around because this brand often gives out great coupons.
I’m not too picky on eyeliners but this baby is perfect for rushed mornings or even for a beginner! It’s velvety smooth, dries quickly and that tip works like a charm for a good ole cat eye. Just turn it sideways for they thickness along the eyelid, and use that super slim tip for the flick and voila! $8
Rimmel is chock full of amazing beauty finds – this one in particular is $3.97 for a stinkin’ two pack!! you can’t beat that. My favorite part about this formula is it is stiff enough to hold shape but doesn’t get crusty. There is absolutely NOTHING that I hate more than gunky mascara . I’ll end up rubbing my lashes between my fingers melting the goo.
Disclaimer: These products are ones that I love! I am not being sponsored.

She’s Gone Meatless

I come from the good ‘ole southern town of Savannah, Georgia. Things don’t change much there, and are expected to stay the same. You grow up being the same as your friends, family and so on…  That’s just the way things are…

So imagine, the response of all my loved ones when they found out I now have eccentric colored hair, a tattoo, am dating a Jewish gentleman and now of all things…




and so on…

While my family tries very hard to put themselves outside of their box and support me – they find it hard understanding where I come from and for a long time, I had a difficult time explaining even to myself.

At first my concern has always been heart health and obesity, since that runs deep in my family roots just as their diet does. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE food, any food. Especially grandma’s home cooking but that never stopped me from loving veggies as well. I was always the only grandchild that would ask for heaping servings of Collard greens, Brussels sprouts, Lima beans etc.

Something else to consider is that I was also always the tender hearted child who talked to trees, cried for lost baby birds, and held funerals for deceased caterpillars.

While out on a walk – from a distance and over a fence a cow looked deeply into my eyes like an old friend. Whilst this sounds sensationalized, that is exactly the way it felt. We walked towards each other and as we reached each other, the cow looked away from me with sadness it its eyes and that’s when I saw it – the fistula. I  wasn’t sure what a fistula was so I googled it.

Amongst other links, this one stood out to me

The most disturbing photo to me was of the small boy being immune to the fact that he is elbow deep in a living creature’s gut. I understand that whatever you are raised doing, becomes a norm for you – but why is this one of those things? I continued on to read the comments others had left behind… words like “It’s only a cow” littered the thread. I shuddered at the thought  of a ‘higher’ being claiming that I am only a human and I am meant to be harvested in every which way they deem worthy. I don’t think everyone should feel this way. These are just my thoughts on the subject.

I have known people in the past that have been vegetarian or vegan but I had not really been ready to disconnect with the lifestyle in which I grew up in. Recently,  I have made some very good friends that are strict vegans – this was so impactful for me to talk to them about their choices and why they made them. A coupled friend of mine told me their reasoning was to become more ethical, to think about how they contribute to the world, and what they take from it. Overall they wanted to minimalize what they consumed and they don’t believe it is ethical to take charge of a living being the way our meat industry does.

Now, that really got me thinking. Admittedly a little too much in the beginning. Every time that I ate meat, I fell into a rabbit hole of questions about how I might feel about the subject.

I  know the critics will swarm like moths to a flame on the last remark. To me, it is extremely important that people understand my friends did not try to ‘convince’ or ‘influence’ me. In curiosity I asked, while they answered.

So when asking myself why I might begin limiting my meat intake I thought of these things:

1. I want to live a healthier lifestyle and prove to myself that I do not NEED meat.

2. I care very much about animals.

3. I do not feel entitled as a human the right to eat the flesh of another creature.

My reason for writing this post is not to get people to stop eating meat. This is a way of better understanding myself and hopefully finding a channel to connect with others through.

Until next time –

Ya Gurl, Kai